Inspirational Speaker

Paralympic, World, European & British Champion
Andy Lewis Paralympian and Motivational Speaker

Everyone has had to deal with ups and downs.

Everyone has survived or thrived through a challenge.

Do you let yours define you or inspire you?

Andy has used his life experiences and adversities to create a powerful message.  It’s emotional, brutally honest, heartfelt yet funny and delivered GLOBALLY – in his signature Keynote Seminar ‘Talking about his highs and lows’ including his success in sport but also his mental health and nearly losing his wife and children through pushing himself to the limits.

Having had ADHD, Dyslexia & heightened Anxiety for most of his life – things reached breaking point in 2007 when everything came to a head and he tried to take his own life.

In Life, in Business – we all want to succeed – we try to be what people or situations want to see in us and never really opening up through fear of being rejected, we are conditioned to not share our Mental Health issues, Anxiety or hidden Disabilities and this is just not right.

Fast forward to today – Andy Lewis MBE is not just an inspirational Speaker on the subjects of Mental Health & Wellbeing but also a multi winning GOLD medalist in one of the toughest sports in the world – from an experience sharing perspective – Andy delivers his talks to Stages, Corporates, Boardrooms, Factories, Universities, Schools & Events WORLDWIDE!

Andy will inspire YOUR audience by focussing not on his story – but offering his top tips and insights into managing Anxiety in Life & Business – both personally and professionally.

Just to say MASSIVE thankyou for this weeks sessions, the feedback from staff and the children has been SO positive and we feel very lucky to have had you visit our school. The work you do is so important for children and I know it had a huge impact on the children here.

Dee Ritchie
DWP Gloucestershire Directorate

Listen to Andy Lewis to be inspired and instilled with confidence to overcome challenges that life may present to you!! Andy talks openly and with humour of his earlier years when he suffered from ADHD and dyslexia along with the emotional roller coaster that goes with them. He recounts the accident and series of events that lead to the amputation of his leg in a very matter of fact way but leaving you in no doubt as to the effect it had on his mental health and family relationships. His reflection on recovery and indeed his journey to become an elite athlete just oozes “can do” enthusiasm and heart-warming honesty. He commands your attention in such a way you do not realise you are hanging on to his every word…..Which you will remember always.

Steve Olczak
DWP Gloucestershire Partnership Manager

Andy Lewis what a true inspiration not just as a gold medallist but as a person. Thank you for supporting our Wellfest sessions. This will live long in the memory and is already having a positive impact within our Gloucestershire sites.

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