Our vision

Due to adverse life experiences, we have both been forced to focus on managing our own mental health more than the average person.  As a result of this, our company aims to set up every single one of the people we mentor to understand the positive and negative effects of their current lifestyles on their emotional health and wellbeing.  We aim to do this by sharing life stories and introducing best wellbeing practice.

We aim to support and challenge young people and adults to use the increased knowledge and understanding of wellbeing to make sustainable changes to their lifestyles which will ultimately have a positive impact on their mental health.

We want to offer this invaluable health intervention to all ages and backgrounds and then offer a connection for ongoing support.

This mentoring will make people happier, more able to function and more able to reflect and act when they start to feel emotionally vulnerable.

Meet the Team

Andy J Lewis MBE, Amputee

Andy is a focused multi gold medal winning professional athlete, currently holding Paralympic, World and British titles.  He’s inspirational, committed & a great listener.

Recently awarded by the Royal family with an MBE for his services to sport.

Andy is a well travelled mentor who has worked with many different cultures, genders & religions.

Chris Powell

Chris is a multi award winning health and wellbeing specialist. He has worked with a range of local and national health intervention providers to impact on a range of outcomes that impact on emotional wellbeing.

Chris creates the life changing bespoke mentoring programmes. He will be working alongside Andy to tailor the programmes to meet the needs of the participants we meet along the way.


Our Mental Health, dependent so much on the wellbeing practices we employ, is very important to us. Things have not been straight forward for either of us, but has ultimately enabled us to work, perform and live life at a whole new level. Our vision is to help and support others who are experiencing health issues and to set up practices for those who will need this in the future across all walks of life.

Our Partners

We currently work alongside:

Gloucestershire County Council
Active Gloucestershire
Active Forest of Dean
Sports for school
Inspirational program
Inspired through sport
Mini Rockets Ltd
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Foundation

Since Rio 2016 we have worked with over 200 Schools, sports clubs, businesses & individuals.

The Outcomes

Our bespoke mentoring programmes will improve the quality of life of each individual, boost emotional wellbeing, help people to reflect on their current lifestyles and change behaviours that impact better on their mental health.