Performance Coaching Services

I work with my athletes to schedule in a plan that is achievable. We all have a work and home life to juggle. A plan has to work for each individual, in terms of timing, strengths and weaknesses. Revising it depending on feedback and availability. Coach and athlete communication is vital to achieving an attainable plan.

I use a web based training program called Training Peaks which can be accessed from any PC or via their app. This allows me to upload your training plan, for you to upload feedback and (if you own one) sync your Garmin or other training device. I can work with power, Heart rate pacing or perceived effort. Each training session is broken down to focus on the individual athletes needs.

I like to talk to my clients regularly, either face to face if they are local or via Skype for anyone who lives further afield. I can also offer one to one sessions if required.

Bespoke Online coaching plans all via Training Peaks with Platinum account

Level 1

£50 pcm

This includes a bespoke monthly training plan with one phone call/ Skype a month, where the next months sessions are planned and agreed. Limited changes to plan once agreed.

Level 2

£70 pcm

This includes a bespoke fortnightly training plan, with a phone/skype call once a fortnight where the next 14 days sessions are planned and agreed. Unlimited changes to plan.

Level 3

£100 pcm

This includes a weekly bespoke training plan and nutrition guidance, with a weekly phone/skype call, where the next week’s sessions are planned and agreed. Unlimited changes to plan.

You can sign up to one of these services right now by completing the form below or you can enquire for further information via the form at the bottom of the page.

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