Educational Visits

Andy recognises his work isn’t just about promoting disability in sport or other sports, it’s about teaching young people about a whole range of life skills. He sees it as his duty as a member of the British Triathlon Squad to share his experiences with others.

Andy helped in making an impact to young people’s lives and raising aspirations whilst working on the Sporting Champions programme, and is now looking to inspire children all over the UK by sharing what it takes to become the best you can be.


Educational visits and speaking

Andy believes that being fit and staying fit was a big part of his transformation, that went on to change his life. By finding a sport that both inspired and motivated him he was able to overcome his attitude towards his disability. He knows that by helping others find their own passion and motivation, will fundamentally change their lives and this is a big part of his education programme.

Andy looks at all aspects of wellbeing including mental health, fitness, connecting with people and mindfulness. He also uses team building as an important tool for children to use to overcome obstacles, help with communication and learn to work as a part of a team which in itself is a valuable life lesson for school and beyond. He shows that working as a team can make you stronger and demonstrates this in his programme.

Andy enjoys working with children and can show that disability is nothing to be afraid of. He has a number of team orientated games that he brings with him and also allows the children to see and hold his blade running leg and also his prosthetic leg. He talks about his own journey and paratriathlon and what it feels like to win a gold medal. He really is able to give children a close up and personal perspective of how it is to live with a disability and beyond.

Andy can come into your school or club as a one-hour introductory session, he can come for a half day and run team events, or he can come for the whole day and inspire your whole school.