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Who We Are

Our holiday camps provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for young Children to explore the outdoors, make new friends and be very, very active!

Due to adverse life experiences, we have both been forced to focus on managing our own mental health more than the average person. As a result of this, our company aims to set up every single one of the children to understand the positive and negative effects of their current lifestyles on their emotional health and wellbeing.

We aim to do this by sharing life stories and introducing best wellbeing practice.


Holiday Camps Made by Experts!!!

What We Do

Our camps integrate these 5 steps to help and improve your Child’s mental wellbeing:


  • Talk and listen, be there, feel connected
  • Remember the simple things that give you joy
  • Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself
  • Your time, your words, your presence
  • Do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood

Why Choose Us?

We aim to support and challenge young people through our love for sport and life skills. Using the skills we have learnt over time, these holiday camps will make the children more able to function and reflect on every day life but also act when they start to feel emotionally vulnerable by sharing life stories and introducing best wellbeing practice.

  • Staff are both Physical and Mental Health and First Aid trained
  • Child Protection trained
  • Highly qualified to deliver in their areas of expertise

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Andy is passionate about working with and supporting young people. In December 2016 Andy spoke to the whole school to share his experiences of becoming Paralympic Champion. His talk to over 600 young people was both inspiring and engaging, and he spent time in school afterwards to meet with students on an individual basis.

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Tom Beveridge

Head of School, The Dean Academy

I commend Andrew to you as an educator and role model and would welcome him back to The Dell with open arms. His passion and dedication is boundless and his attitude is infectious.

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Steve King

Headteacher, The Dell Primary School

I thoroughly recommend him as someone who has the emotional intelligence not only to identify the heart of the problem, but come up with indefatigable resources and solutions for moving forward.

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Ruth Frett

Head, St John's on the Hill

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