Andy's Story

Andy lost his leg as a result of an accident with a 38 tonne lorry when he was just sixteen.
Our holiday camps provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for young Children to explore the outdoors, make new friends and be very, very active!

Our camps integrate these 5 steps to help and improve your Child’s mental wellbeing:

Talk and listen, be there, feel connected Remember the simple things that give you joy Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself Your time, your words, your presence Do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood

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I work with my athletes to schedule in a plan that is achievable. We all have a work and home life to juggle. A plan has to work for each individual, in terms of timing, strengths and weaknesses. Revising it depending on feedback and availability. Coach and athlete communication is vital to achieving an attainable plan.

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Our events will be a chance for children aged 7 – 14 years to get involved with and learn more about triathlon, while having lots of fun at the same time and most importantly getting active.

The sessions will follow the basic triathlon structure of swim, bike and run. Some games and skills will be taught in the pool. We will also be teaching bike handling skills and how to quickly get on and off the bike. During the run session, we will be doing running drills and how to transition from bike to run.

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European, World & Paralympic Champion Andy Lewis MBE

Andy Lewis is a GB Paratriathlete and competes as a through-knee amputee.

Andy lost his leg at just 16 years after a serious motorcycle accident. Instead of giving up after this life changing incident he has worked relentlessly to challenge himself and to stay fit and focused and become the best he can be.

For those of you new to Andy’s sport, he couldn’t have picked a harder event to compete in. Not only do you swim and bike you also run, it’s a gruelling event especially for through-knee amputees as you also need to take into account the transitions from swim to bike and bike to run which are often referred to as the fourth discipline.

Andy Lewis has not only achieved European and World Athlete status in the short time that he has competed as a Paratriathlete, but can now proudly add Paralympics Gold Medallist to his ever-expanding repertoire.

Some of Andy’s recent records; 4 X Triathlon Gold Medallist, 3 X Triathlon Silver Medallist, 2 X Triathlon Bronze Medallist, British Champion 2015, World Champion 2016, European Champion 2016 and Rio 2016 Paralympics GOLD Medallist.

Pride of Britain awards
Evening Post Sports Awards
Rio paralympics

His passion is with working with children

Andy works with people in a number of different ways and this website will show you the areas in which he excels. His passion is with working with children, inspiring them at the beginning of their journey to overcome any obstacle however big  or small. Andy also specialises in motivational speaking, talking about his journey and success, how he achieved this and how his motivation and focus has led him to where he is now. He also works with people with disabilities, sports education and nutrition.

My Story

After waking up in a hospital bed at just sixteen years old the reality of exactly what had happened to me set in,  I thought both my life and career were over.

Educational Visits

Andy helped in making an impact to young people’s lives and raising aspirations whilst working on the Sporting Champions programme.

Motivational Talks

Andy has already been through more than most people will experience in their lifetime. His accident at 16 years was not the only challenge he would have to overcome in his life.

Latest News

Take a look at Andy’s latest news and events page to see what he has been up to, whether it’s a educational visit, motivational speaking or hard in training.

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