Motivational Talks

Motivation is a key principle of every successful sports person. It is the motivation that enables you to get up each morning to train, to continue to train when you feel you have nothing left give, to keep running when your legs are burning so hard you want to stop, to cross that finish line when everything hurts.

It is also motivation that drives a person to overcome their difficulties however big or small, to work better, to try harder, to train longer to succeed when others have said they cannot. We all need motivation for every task we fulfil and sometimes this motivation is lost, sometimes we need to be motivated by someone or something that will inspire us to keep going, to try harder and even to try something different.

At thirty-one years old Andy has already been through more than most people will experience in their lifetime. His accident at 16 years was not the only challenge he would have to overcome in his life. He was born with Petit Mal, a form of epilepsy for which he was treated but effected his childhood greatly. At school, Andy had difficulty learning and has only just been diagnosed as having dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, both of which are still a challenge in adulthood.

Andy has had to adapt his life in a variety ways to overcome his difficulties and disability. By sharing his story and the techniques he created to help him deal with his problems, he now lives with an ever-increasing optimism and motivation to be the best he can be. He is now able to inspire and motivate others with his story.

With Andy’s enthusiasm and passion for helping people, by turning what many would see as a negative into a positive, he can share his experiences of his life beyond injury of how each and every one of us can overcome adversity and be the best we can be. Let Andy share his dream with you and help you realise your own ambitions, goals and potential.