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Five ways to wellbeing

Five ways to wellbeing Five ways to wellbeing is very important to me, it’s very clear that these 5 things can have life changing effects in everyday environments, including school and business situations. The following steps have been researched and developed by...

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Lanzarote Winter Training Camps 2019

This is not your normal Swim, Bike & Run camp. Through achieving some great things in my life I believe triathlon coaching is more than just that. To achieve great results it takes a mental attitude, commitment and belief no matter what you're trying to achieve. I can...

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Honoured to be recognised by University of Gloucestershire

Honoured to be recognised today by University of Gloucestershire for my #honourarydoctorate the last few years have been really tough, mentally and physically but with the support of all my sponsors, family, friends & especially my coach Steve, best mate Richard and...

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MBE for Andy in New Years Honours

In Nov 2016 a letter came through the door, it was from the cabinet office oh dear I said, what did this mean, what had I done. I opened it, I took a huge breath and said to my wife wow…at which point she was very intrigued as to what I was reading. I quickly read...

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Andy Visits Sponsor Airbus UK

As a teenager Andy Lewis thought he had his life mapped out. He dreamt of a career in the army, alongside his brother. Then one day, at the age of just 16, a devastating motorcycle accident with a 38-tonne truck changed his life beyond all recognition. His story is a...

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School Visits are a BIG hit

School visits are a big hit lately, I have spent quite a lot of my time working my way around the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and Somerset working with Children in different schools to explain what it takes to be the best. We talk about being motivation, pride,...

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Lisbon European Championships

Lisbon – European Championships 24-28th May I keep asking myself, “Do I feel ready?” and the answer is, “Not really!” – but it’s one of those things and it’s too late to worry about it now. The last week or so has been difficult. First there were some issues at home,...

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