In Nov 2016 a letter came through the door, it was from the cabinet office oh dear I said, what did this mean, what had I done. I opened it, I took a huge breath and said to my wife wow…at which point she was very intrigued as to what I was reading.

I quickly read through it and put it away, I was sworn to secrecy as I was being told that I was being forwarded to the Queen for an MBE, I was honoured.

I held on to that secret for a very long time, in fact about 4 weeks. I led in bed on the 30th Jan watching the BBC News and waiting for something to be shown, there it was at 10:30pm it had been revealed, I could now share the news. I had been awarded an MBE.

I live in a very small place, there is not many of these around for sure I was absolutely honoured. I was however honestly receiving this with excitement but also feeling disappointment that one of my main sponsors in London had decided to let me go, even though I had achieved what I had set out to do, achieve “GOLD”. I now have a search on to find a new sponsor to help me get to Tokyo 2020 and hopefully with the same success.

If anyone can help me then please get in touch.



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