The following testimonials reinforce the work I do with schools, business owners and leaders.

I just wanted to thank you. The children really enjoyed the sessions and I think they have learnt a lot about what it takes to be a leader.

Caroline Lee

Assistant Head Teacher, Linden Primary School

I just want to say a huge thank you for a fantastic, inspiring and totally engaging day, I can’t believe how much you achieved with our Y5 children in such a short time. I can confidently say that every single child in the focus group left school yesterday with new skills, new understanding and a feeling of ‘I can do anything if I believe in myself’. You delivered the day in a kind, fair and honest way with a great sense of humour, I felt privileged to be a part of it too. The well being leaders are now ready to help others change their mood, lead activities in the playground and work with other children to improve their mental health and, along with our Positive Playtime Practise, I honestly believe that all our children will be happier and healthier everyday.

Karen Childs

Class 2 Teacher, Eastington Primary School

“I learnt how you can follow your dreams even if they seem impossible.”
“I liked how you told us facts about your medals.”
“I know the five ways to well being by heart now!”
“The things you taught us were incredible.”
“I learnt how important it was to look out for others.”
“One thing i have learnt from the day was to never ever give up, no matter how hard it gets.”
“I learnt how to cheer someone up.”
“I enjoyed your determined spirit, I’m going to pass that on.”
“Now, because of your help, we have made our play times more positive.”
“I think a lot of people could learn from you.”
“Your advice has really helped us to be brilliant well being leaders and now we are much better at making others happy. The positive play times have worked out amazingly.”
“I will be looking out for you on sports channels.”
“…it is really changing play times for us.”
“I have proudly told my whole family that I met you and they were all eager to watch your video.”
“I learnt that if you don’t believe it, you can’t achieve it.”
“You are my role model in life and I’m going to follow your footsteps until I become a triathlete.”
“My brother wants to be an Olympian because you inspired him too.”
“It was a privilege to meet you.”
“It was a brilliant opportunity for us Year 5’s.”

Children from

Eastington Primary School

“Thanks again for yesterday, it was everything I was hoping for the children and more! I must also add, I’ve never had such positive feedback from all of the staff – ‘the best speaker we’ve had in the school’ … stick that on your CV!”
Luke Holder

PE Teacher, Coalway Junior School

“Thank you very, very much for presenting at our Away Day on Wednesday. You were the clear highlight of the day for all the people who attended. It was also lovely that you stayed behind for photos and brought your medals for us to see. Yours was an inspirational story, and our staff were moved by it, and motivated by it”
Carol Meredith

Support Services Manager, NHS North Locality - Mental Health

“Andy, thanks so much for coming in to Preston’s school, he was so motivated by your visit. I have to say we have had lots of visits to the school but none with the impact you’ve had. Thanks so much”
Hayley Edwards

Teacher, Thornwell Primary School

“Hi Andy, you visited my daughter’s schools this week (Coalway Junior School) and I haven’t stopped hearing about it since. She thoroughly enjoyed the sports you did with them outside and was fascinated when you took off your leg and showed them your running blade. Her highlight was getting to hold your gold medal. Thank you for a fabulous day and sharing your story, she’s come home truly inspired”
Tanya Pineda-Gorriz

Parent of child at Coalway School

“Hi Andy, you went to St John’s school and my son Harvey loved it! He now knows who you are when I watch the sports on you and now has more of an interest when I watch the sports as I watch a lot of the running, Olympics and things like that! When he came home from school the day you went he didn’t shut up about you! It was lovely to see him home from school with such energy and enthusiasm which doesn’t happen all the time. Hope that makes sense xx”
Saphron Leanne Short

Parent of child at St Johns School, Coleford

“My 5-year-old son was so excited when Andy visited Yorkley School. He was very inspired by Andy and his story, but it was Andy’s description of how he can change his leg to his blade, my son said, “it clicks on like a Lego brick” Which as a parent feel this will stop the stigma of people with disabilities and what they can achieve. Andy is proof of that”
Amy Baldwin

Parent of child at Pillowell School